Sunday, September 18, 2011


I am so fortunate to have two really awesome ladies, Mary and Kim as my dearest friends, and incredibly lucky that we have the opportunity to get together every second Saturday to scrap. 

This Saturday was fantastic as we had the lovely Cheryl (Cootamundra) and the gorgeous Jo (Mudgee) both travel to join us all for the day.

We all had so much fun, scrapping, chatting, playing with the great toys that Jo (bigshot) well looked at Jo's didn't really play, but will next time and Cheryl (cricut) did have a play with it (can see a wish list happening here)

And then of course there was lunch, chicken, tossed salad (with a yummy handmade dressing by Mary) and crusty french stick, but the thing that we were all waiting for was Kims Famous PAV and boy was the wait worth, it think she excelled hereself this this.

And if the look on Jo's face was anything to go by, yes, it tasted as good as it looked, I still have one piece left for afternoon tea today. Yummo!!!!

Then unfortunately it was, all too soon, time for them to leave. 
So with thanks to Jo's lovely daughter Elise, who took our group shots, we had another pic taken in my front yard and then I managed to snap a couple of pics of them leaving.

We are already making plans for our next get together and this time Jo and Cheryl will travel down on Friday afternoon and stay with weekend. Wow two days of scrapping, eating and plans to go to the Botanical Gardens here and not to forget shopping with reminds me MASSIVE thanks to Nicole of Craft Queen for the opportunity to shop at her place, it is like an aladins cave of scrappy treasure.
Now if there is any of our scrappy friends out there, who are close enough to us here in Orange, and think oooh that sounds like fun, I would love to join them, well leave some loving and I will let you know once we have a date locked in (very hard trying to sync five women).
Anyhoo hugs and love to all and thanks for stopping by xo


Jess Mackenzie said...

Sounds like you guys had such a fun time!!! I must say I'm a wee bit envious! That pay looks soooooooo yummo!! I think I'll get on a plane and come and visit just to have a piece of the pay lol Lots of Love to you BEAUTIFUL lady : ) Love and Peace xox

WendyMac said...

Wow thanks for sharing your lovely day Annettee - I so wish I could get up there. As I said to Mary maybe the 2 day trip would be worth it!! LOL. x

Dolly B said...

Twas a fun day indeed and thanks to Miss Annette for having us all at her house, which is a very , very fine house with two cats in the yard ...... hehehe just going off on a tangent with one of the songs over at
this month, so why not join in, choose one of the songs and scrap it. Oh and Annette does actually have two cats hehehe


Kim said...

Awwh! Miss Annette your such a gorgeous lady.. Thank you so much for having us all invade your beautiful home.
We sure did have a blast... What more could a scrapper ask for... Like minded company, great food and a day that went way to quick due to the great time we all had.
Did I forget the could I?
Looking forward to our next scrapfest!

Marie (Mazz) said...

well..I'm jealous LOL...when i first saw yr post i thought 'how could you have CRAPPY company LOL just coz I'd just like to scrap with you guys too x

Kylie gW said...

Great set of pics Annette!
Thank you for sharing. You're lucky to have somewhere to meet up. I can't swing a cat at my place. (or two)
Is the Craft Queen local to you? I didn't know that.
.. so how much scrapping actually took place? Probably doesn't matter! ;) xx

Cheryl said...

I had the best evr day too, went way too fast!! Can't wait for the next one!!!!