Sunday, January 29, 2012

Well it's about time

Yes it is about time that I updated my blog. I have quite a bit to put here so I may have to do it over a couple of posts.
So where should I start???
I thought I would start with some pics of my craft room. I am very fortunate that from a bad situation something very positive came out of it and that was that i finally have a designated room for my craft. It had been in the kitchen, then the lounge and wherever else i could fit in. As i don't have a very bit house lot's of stuff laying around really doesn't help with the creativity.

Now I have a room that is all mine, it has nothing but all my craft products in it, a comfy lounge, tv and stereo (birthday pressies from my brother) but as you all would relate to, never enough storage space.

Having the desk in front of the window gives me so much gorgeous natural light to work with, and a nice view out (well put those pics up further down) plus it doesn't take up precious wall space.

The small unit on the table is a storage unit on it's side, makes the perfect place to put the tv as well as some of my most used things.

I like to look at my layouts for a while after i have finished them, especially if it's one I really am proud so. So I have used the sleeves from a 3 ring binder and adhered them to the cupboard doors. This way they can be displayed and protected.

I like having a lounge in the room, even though it does take up a fair amount of space it's nice to have somewhere for a friend to sit and chat with me, or just somewhere quiet I can sit and read.

My view out the window is really quite lovely, I am very lucky that I have a school nearly opposite me with a park area beside it. I can look out and see my front yard and the fantastic trees across the road.

Very relaxing.

Well that is all for this post, will do another one tomorrow and share some layouts that I have done.

Hugs and love
Annette xo


Dolly B said...

Your craft room looks awesome Miss Annette, I am jealous a craft room with a lounge and TV! Heaven! OH and do I spot a photo on your desk of three amazing women ? lol :)
Mary x

Annette Edmonds said...

Yes there does seem to be a pretty awesome pic there of three really amazing ladies lol.

Becci Sundberg said...

Lovely room Annette.
Love your idea for the LO's on your door, going to steel that one!
I have an old music stand that I currently sit them in but not very dust free and little fingers get to them sometimes.