Friday, February 3, 2012

Kim and Hugo

This is my gorgeous friend Kim and her youngest son Hugo, the pic was taken in the Fairy Sparkle Garden at the New Orange Base Hospital.

Little Hugo spent nearly a week there after having to have his appendix removed and as there was an abscess behind it he ended up being a sick little boy.
Kim never left his side the whole time he was there, she is a truly remarkable lady and the love she has for her family is amazing.

I took this pic on the morning of the day he came home, he was definately getting better and wanting to be a little boy and run and jump around, pity about the stitches in his side, pulled him up a few times, poor little man.

I have never been to the childrens ward at the old hospital so never saw what the garden looked like, but awww the new one is just so pretty that I couldn't resist snapping a few extra pics. Feel in love with the giant light up trees, anyone who knows me, knows that I can't resist sparkling, twinkling lights, would love to see these at night, they would be so pretty.

Thanks for stopping by, have a great day hugs and love xo


Dolly B said...

Gorgeous lady, beautiful Mum and so glad Hugo is on the mend. I'm with you Annette, love fairy lights
Mary x

Dolly B said...

Miss Annette I hereby have awarded you a lovely blog award
Details are Here


Jenny said...

Hi Annette... just over from the lovely Mary's blog... beautiful pics... the garden looks so magical... and so nice to hear that Hugo is doing better...

Jenny x