Friday, June 22, 2012

Brissy Expo or On the road again (Part I)

Well the gorgeous Miss Kim has certainly done an awesome job of documenting our recent trip to Brissy for the Scrapbooking and Papercraft Expo, so, it is time for me to give you all my version, not that much different from hers but just as fun.
We started off on a freezing morning at the Orange Railway Station, thankfully the coach was there early so we didn't have to stand around waiting for it.

After what was a long day of sitting around we arrived in the gorgeous warmth of Qld, found our Hotel, within walking distance of the Roma Street Railway, bonus. Dumped our gear and found 325 on George just around the corner and had a great steak, chip and salad meal, best thing was that we sat outside, wow it was great.

Not too early Friday morning we ventured back to 325 on George for brekkie, snapped this pic to show the gorgeous day and super tall buildings surrounding us.

This was our home away from home for the time we were up there, The Explorers Inn, can't say that I was really impressed with it, the room was very cramped, beds were rock hard, and the bathroom was so tiny that I couldn't get dressed in it.
After breakfast, again eaten outside, love it, we went and found (eventually) Roma Street Parklands. How fantastic to have such a beautiful area in the heart of the city, we spent a good couple of hours just strolling around, enjoying all the gorgeous plants and the awesome weather.

 How great to see birds, including bush turkeys in this oasis with multi storey buildings so close by.
 The gorgeous and lovely Miss Kim
 This little, well not so little, lizard was not in the least camera shy, could have touched him.

Grabbed some lunch and back to the railway to pick up the lovely Miss Cheryl and bought her back to The Explorers. Walked over to the convention center, only about 20 minutes and across the river, lovely walk. Kim met Julie Winks and bought her out to Cheryl and I, mandatory hug time. Cheryl spotted Rachel Greig so I bounded over to say hello (this was the beginning of a stalking session that lasted all weekend).

Next was an epic walk to find another lovely, Jo Tritton who was staying at the Novotel, you know it really does help if you check out which direction the arrrow is pointing on the gps and follow it, oops. Again we went to 325 on George, unfortunately while Kim, Jo and myself had our meals reasonably quickly the same couldn't be said for Cheryl, she got her main as we were eating our desert. Oh dear, she did a bottle of red out of it though.

Home to the Inn, unpack a few essentials and sleep, hard for some, double shot coffee is not so good of a night (right Kim) but certainly lots of excitement and a few nerves (again Kim).

 Hope you enjoyed Part I, II will be up soon, hugs and love xo


Kylie gW said...

Great "Holiday" blog Annette! And great pics too.

Cheryl said...

Super cool blogging!! Pinched your pic of that dreaded hotel.