Monday, November 18, 2013

CSI Case file #97

This is the page I did for CSI Case File #97

  • Blue Velvet - taken from the velvet blue pillow - 192.209.219
  • Set-Teal - teal, taken from the mirror frame - 110.157.163
  • Whitewalls - bright white, taken from the white building showing through the open window - 255.255.255
  • Coffee Table - coppery brown, taken from the table - 170.105.47
  • Sit-ron - citron green, taken from the plant  - 207.214.136
  • patterned background
  • leaves/branches/trees
  • wood
  • frame
  • dry embossing (inspired by rug)
  • grid design (inspired by French doors)
  • chevron pattern
  • fabric
  • diamond shapes
  • window/door/ shutter accents
  • transparent accents
  • something reflective/shiny like the mirror
  • Use repetition--repeat a phrase over and over.
  • Spread your journaling over three spots.
  • Frame your journaling.
  • Be inspired by Cheddar X (I know, strange inspiration, but the pattern on the wall sort of reminded me of X's)
  • Inspiration words: bright, grow, living(life)--please use these as a jumping off point for your JOURNALING, not just as a title.
I totally loved the pallette for this challenge as well as the sketch, the double photo thing was a bit daunting but I decided to go with the same pic but just make the bottom one smaller.

Here is my take on the whole thing, the pics are my neices and nephew at their Nan and Pops farm, an absolute fav place for them, somewhere that kids can be kids, get out in the fresh air and run around.

I used an old Kaisercraft stamp and stamped onto some acetate which I then cut out, for the shiny/reflective I had some small mosiac mirror tiles which where just the right size. I also rubbed some gesso (my friend Kims fav technique) over the flowers just to soften them down a smidge.

All up a page that I was really happy with.
If you have never played at CSI you should I did find it all a bit confusing when I started, this is only my second time but it really is a lot of fun.

Until next time
Hugs and love
Annette x


Kim Ewins said...

:) :) :)
You know how much I love your take on this challenge and I love even more that you are blogging again!!!!!
Makes me so :)

Dolly B said...

Beautiful layout

Kim said...

This is beautiful! Love the colors and those flowers!