Friday, April 25, 2014


Recently on Facebook a friend asked us all to share pics of our craft spaces, wow some of the women who shared have the most amazing rooms, full of so much product, while others had corners in offices, lounges etc. I am lucky that I live alone and have a whole room all for my craft, it looks out over the back yard and has lots of gorgeous light. While not a large room it has plenty of room for what I need. It has been a constant evolution since I moved into this house last September and I am sure there will be more changes to come.

 I got this great desk from my brother, and while it is not really meant to have a chair underneath, as my knees have found out a few times, I just love the surface and the three drawers that go the full length of the desk, great for storing a long armed stapler.

The storage unit on the left came from Office Works and the smaller cube unit with storage containers came from Bunnings.

Glass jars and vases in various shapes and sizes are just perfect for flowers, ribbons, buttons and doilies. It helps that I can see what i have, means they might get used more.


This was my old desk, but sharing it with everything that is on there didn't give me much room for working, so once I got the other desk I now use this has my working from surface, picking up bits and pieces from one to take to the other.

Who hasn't at one time or another had the rta cupboards and bookcases, very handy but on the list to be either replaced or painted, the filing cabinet has all my accounts, bill, paperwork etc and is a lovely tassie oak piece, top is great for display.

Tin buckets and a small drawer stand are perfect for washi and all those small bits and pieces that seem to float around without a place to call home.

All up this is a room that I love working in, on a sunny day with the windows open, a soft fragrant breeze and music playing, it is a space that makes me feel not only creative but also very relaxed.
I hope whatever hobby or interest that brings you pleasure has an area that makes you feel like mine.

Until next time
Hugs and love
Annette x


Leanne said...

you have a great space! thanks for letting us have a little look around! ..x

Annette Edmonds said...

Thanks Leanne x

runowaters said...

Annette this looks amazing! I'll have to get you to rearrange mine. I can see why you are so creative in this space.

Dolly B said...

Looks Great !

Lizzy Hill said...

Looooved this little peek into your 'space'....looks fabulous & pretty organised, too:):)