Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I was so pleased with the way that this page turned out. It is a page celebrating and relaying how I felt about turning 50. The journalling is on the tag behind my pics and reads as follows -
What is is about turning 50 that seems to freak some people out? I LOVED IT. Is it because it can be a time for you to take stock of your life & maybe you don't like what you see? NOT ME. Do you look back at the last 50 years of your life & wonder what you have done & where has it gone? OF COURSE YOU DO. You wouldn't be human if you didn't, but hello it's gone. Look at today & plan for tomorrow.

I have been very privileged to have this page picked as the layout of the week at The Boxx and as well won the fortnightly challenge.
What a blast life is truly beautiful booyah!


sophie said...

Hi Annette!! this is a very nice Layout!! I know you from the boxx and just wanted to know your blog! i am now a member!! have a great day!

kathie said...

Congrats on layout of the week! It's a beautiful page... I loved that Webster's Pages line!