Sunday, February 20, 2011

Treasured Moment

I recently found some wonderful old negatives of my mothers and with the use of a kaiser baas photomaker i was able to scan and reprint the pictures. Some of the ones i found including the one in this layout i never knew existed so it has been such an incredible experience to see them.

This picture of my mother and i is so lovely but i have no idea when it was taken or where.

The journalling reads as follows -
I wish I knew when and where this picture of my mum and I was taken but for reasons that I just don't understand I have very limited memories of my childhood. So finding this gorgeous old picture fills me with a longing and regret for what might have been if she hadn't died so young, she died just before her 51t birthday, nearly the same age as I am now. My relationship with my mum was difficult once I became a teenager and we were estranged for many years. The birth of my son Shaun had started the path of reconciliation but her never knew his Nanna. There were times when I so desperately need a Mum and so many questions that will never be answered.
But dwelling on the past won't change the future.


Leanne J said...

absolutely stunning journalling Annette..and what a gorgeous photo... fantastic.

Cheryl said...

Just love it Annette,GORGEOUS!!!!