Friday, June 17, 2011

Brisbane Expo - June Long Weeked - Friday and Saturday

This was such a fantastic time for Mary, Kim and myself, travelling away together to go to the Scrapbooking Expo at Brisbane. I just about drove Miss Mary insane with my excitement but lucky for them I slept most of the way on the plane.

 Our first night in Brisbane was spent at the Pineapple Hotel, we had a nice meal and then joined the lovely Leanne Horsmans Trivia team where unfortunately we didn't contribute that much but we had a fun night.

We had a very laid back morning, sat around in our pj's for a while and then enjoyed the glorious sunshine, Orange had been a bit chilly before we left.

My brother Jeff came over to Leannes and we all went for a drive to an antique shop were we enjoyed coffee and cake and shopping. Found myself a vintage Oroton handbag as well as another piece of wedgewood. Jeff joined us all for dinner and Leannes husband Jeff and I wahtched the football, unfortunately Titans beat the Dragons but a great game.

SATURDAY - The Day of the Expo

The excitement of the day was nearly too much for me but as usual Miss Mary had to be persauded, with the help of a hair brush, to have a shower and get moving.

The shopping, was for me, awesome and Scrapmatts, Scrapware and My 2 Angels had some awesome stuff.

We had a bit of a picnic on the floor and met some of the awesome ladies from the Boxx that have been worshipped from afar.
Towards the end of the day the lovely Leanne J came and joined us and we spent some nice time bonding with her, she is just gorgeous.


Kim said...

Sigh!! it was totally awesome Miss Annette...fantastic company (miss you and Mary and Leanne...sob!) Looking forward to next year....

Dolly B said...

Ah the hairbrush, quiet the bully Miss Annette is, lucky I love her.
Thanks for the fantastic company Miss Annette and Miss Kim x