Sunday, June 5, 2011

New Tattoos

 Apparenttly it can be addictive having tattoos done, I don't know about that but I had always said that I wanted to have more added to the word on my right wrist, so on Friday 4th I went to Bathurst to Skin Fantasy and had these little butterflies done.

I really like the size and the colour of these little butterflies, they enhance the wording and look so pretty.

 In another 6 months or so I will go back and have some sort of flowers or vine or maybe both added and that should do me there. Somewhere else, not too sure yet.
Cheers, hugs and love xo


Kim said...

Hiya gorgeous!!
Thanks for your blog lovin'. So love your latest layout turned out so beautiful...and the TaTTs...awesome now I want one...Keep up your awesomeness Miss ya!

Dolly B said...

Well you know Im not one for tats but your butterflys are pretty

Mary x