Saturday, July 16, 2011


Well how slack have I been, nearly a month since my last post, must try harder.

Had a fantastic day today scrapping with Mary and Kim, lots of laugh and so much delicious food.

Mary made the most delicious pastry rolls, combined with a crunchy salad and fresh baguette it was so scrummy.

The amazing Kim made an absolute to die for pavlova which was thoroughly enjoyed by Mary and I.

I finished one page and got three quarters through another, will photograph and post tomorrow. Hope everyone else had a great day. Cheers xo


Dolly B said...

Kims pavs are the most fabulous pavs I think I have ever tasted (up there with my Mums) melts in your mouth. Annette had to laugh because I couldnt stop saying MMMMMMMMMMMM I mean it really was MMMMMMM
Had a fantastic day, thanks girls and I even got a layout done
Mary x

Kim said...

Well I think Mary's pastry rolls were so scrummy....shucks gurls thanks for the PAV Love...
I so love our scrappi Saturday afternoons...soooo fun and always have a laugh and get pic's of gorgeous men...Thanks Jeff...hehehe!!!
love it!!!