Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mogo Zoo

 How amazing was Mogo Zoo, so enjoyed my time there and saw some of the most incredible, cute, and downright scarey animals.

Started with this very sleepy Bengal Tiger, look at the size of those paws.
 It was quite a warm day and some of the animals were really feeling the heat, this little one was out for the count.
Because all the animals are in cages, were I could I managed to get my camera through the links to get some pretty cool pics.
I did have a pic of this big boy and his lady "together" may have to put that up another time.
This tiger really unnerved me while I was taking his pic, his eyes were staring straight at me, didn't look away, very freaky.
This little Red Panda was a bit more active and what a sweet little face.
The pygmy Marmosets are without double the tiniest little monkeys I have ever seen, omg they are so gorgeous.
My all time fav critter at the Zoo are the Meerkats, I had hoped to do an encounter with them but, unfortunately got there too late, but hey something to look forward to next time.
Small clawed Otters, very busy little creatures always on the move.
One of the most incredible creatures, the white Lion, they are totally extinct in the wild, the Zoo have at least 4 that I saw, truly magnificent.
Daddy Giraffe, Mum and bub were moving around to much to take pics, but Dad was just standing around having a chew.
How weird is it to see a giraffe beside a gum tree!!!!
Little poser, love this pic
It's not easy being green, unless you are a rather large Iguana.

    Last pic of the little pygmy Marmoset, they were in an enclosure behind glass, so that made the pic taking a tad difficult.


Marie (Mazz) said...

how cool. I'm wondering where that zoo is? looks like a great place to visit, great pics for sure :)

Kylie gW said...

This is my favourite zoo in Australia - its so different! All those monkeys and unexpected African animals! Last time I was there it was 40 degrees hot and humid - the bears got huge blocks of ice to play with to keep cool! Great pics!

Dolly B said...

Wow you got some amazing photo's. Can't believe I have stayed near here so many times and not visited the Zoo! On my list next time we go to Tomakin , that is for sure

Julene Matthews said...

Fantastic photos Annette.Love Mogo Zoo but haven't been there for years.