Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My South Coast Escape

Wow what an amazing time I am having so far, been in Kiama for two and a half days now, so not looking forward to when I have to leave.

Started the trip by visiting my oldest and dearest friend Anne in Goulburn, it has been two years since I saw her last so we had a really lovely time. The view from her back yard is really lovely, at night you can see the lights of the city.

Drove down to Fitzroy Falls from her place, only took an hour to get there, the last time I was there it was in a drought and hardly any water was over the falls, wow what a difference now.

some cool fungi

Japanese tourist took this shot of me after I took one of his group.

lots of walking, stairs, mud, fun

played around with hipstamatic on my iphone and got some pretty awesome effects, this is one of the twin falls.

Got to Kiama at about  2ish, really busy as there was the Jazz and Blues festival on, so people everywhere, this was my first pic of the ocean, taken near the harbour.

Heaps more to add but it will have to wait for another couple of days, see you all soon hugs and love xo


Dolly B said...

Looks like you are having a lovely time Miss Annette (of course it would be better if Kim and I were with You)
That is a lovely photo of you that the tourist took for you and how cool is that photo of the waterfall. Look forward to more updates
Mary x

Jo said...

Wow Annette, looks like you've had wonderful weather & your pics are so beautiful. Nothing like a little getaway to refresh oneself :) Hope all is well xx

Cheryl said...

Just great pics Miss Annette.Love them all.