Thursday, August 19, 2010

Newest pics of Phoenix

Thought I would share some pics of the lovely little Phoenix, took these yesterday so they are really current, she is just over 4 months old now and weighs 600grams, when she reaches 700 she will have a little op. She is so adorable and such a joy to have around. I am totally besotted with her and really love playing with her.
Cheers all xo

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Jessemiah said...

Heya Annette : )

She is sooo cute! I've never met a ferret before are they awesome pets? I've been told they can bite a bit?? I had an really cool rat named Barney he was so neat....loved him so Labrador Ruby accidently sat on him and he broke his leg! Poor thing had to be put to sleep : ( Ruby has the biggest dog butt I've ever seen....she's like a big boofa that thinks she's a dainty little poodle hehe.....Have an awesome week : )